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Our vision is that all women have somewhere to go when they leave a violent relationship or other unsafe living arrangement.

Our mission is to make this happen

We have been supported by many people and organisations as we worked to set up our charity and homes.  

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Our Vision and Mission

A Friendly Hand Up

Helping women experiencing homelessness after domestic violence, abuse or assault.

Founded in 2015 My Friends' Place is a partnership between social workers, volunteers and community services to provide accommodation for women at risk of or currently homeless as a result of domestic violence or other unsafe living arrangement.  We are located on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

We opened our first house in May 2015 and our second in November 2015.  In February 2016 we acquired the use of a four bedroom property and June 2016 sees us opening house number 4.  We now have sixteen beds for women.

​My Friends' Place